ITEM #K-002

Captured North Korean Vehicle flag

Canvas vehicle flag that was in the personal effects of a KIA soldier. His name and info will be given to buyer. The flag may have come from a Soviet advisor's vehicle. Measures 11.5 x 17.5 inches.


ITEM #K-003

1950's - 60's Chinese PRC flag

Rare cold war era PRC government issue flag. PRC flags were only issued to government officials and the PLA. Private citizens could not own them. Measures 3 x 5 feet. Red ink chop mark indicates 1950s or early 1960's issue. Perfect for a Korean War display.


ITEM #K-004

1955 dated Chinese PVA patch

Worn over the left chest pocket by PVA soldiers in Korea.


ITEM #K-005

Chinese PVA grenade pouch

Four-cell stick grenade pouch in excellent condition.


ITEM #K-006

Captured Cuban/Grenadian uniform

Soviet-export uniform captured on Grenada. Unworn, cache-found condition. These are hard to find. Still has the original tag.


ITEM #K-001

Cold War USAF European deployed shirt

Dated 1985, good shape but nametape has been removed. Features a U.S Forces in Europe patch.


All items are sold for historical purposes only. Items bearing offensive imagery or from tyrannical, fascist, communist, or terrorist regimes are offered for sale for the sake of historical truth. Modern Warfare Militaria does not condone any past or current groups of this nature, nor the ideologies of the enemies of the United States and its allies.