ITEM #M-010

Iran-Iraq War Iraqi Army helmet


Rare Iraqi used com bloc helmet from the Iran-Iraq War. Found at Habbaniyah Air Base and brought back during OIF. Good condition. Liner is missing a few leather chunks, and chinstrap has been modified for better comfort. Liner is named.


ITEM #M-011

Iraqi Camouflage Patrol Cap


Post-Saddam era cap used by ICTF/ISOF and other Iraqi forces. Looks to be copied from Kuwaiti camouflage.


ITEM #M-014

Iraqi Army green pack #2


Standard P-58 green issued example. Features a cloth name tag. OIF bring back.


ITEM #M-013

Iraqi Army green pack #1


Standard P-58 green issued example. Features a vinyl I.D. card slot. OIF bring back.


ITEM #M-012

White canvas chicom SKS rig


Unusual post-Vietnam era SKS rig made of white canvas. Likely sent to the Middle East.


ITEM #M-009

Iraqi helmet with camouflage net


Very nice, complete and all original Iraqi helmet captured during OIF.


ITEM #M-008

Iraqi Engineer beret


Salty but good condition. Highly unusual - never seen another. This was an OIF bring back but it dates to Desert storm era.


ITEM #M-007

Iraqi Air Force beret


Salty rough condition. Desert Storm era.


ITEM #M-002


13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) OIF Uniform


Complete uniform with hat, named to a colonel who deployed with this unit during OIF. Given the patch is on both shoulders, he may have also been involved in Operation Restore Hope.



ITEM #M-003


Gulf War Air Force group


Group of three DCUs ID'd to Daniel Suprenant. No names in the jacket, but has laundry numbers. Was told that was his name and he was involved in Operation Restore Hope but I have no proof. Good research project.



ITEM #M-004


Named OH-58D Crew Chief ACU combat uniform w/ photo and awards


Great well-used combat uniform worn by 3/4 Air Cav veteran while deployed in Iraq & Afghanistan w/ the 25th Aviation Brigade, Task Force Saber, & Combined Joint Task Force-76. Includes scans of his awards and a scanned photo of him.



ITEM #M-005


1995 Dated U.S. Army dog muzzle


Perfect condition, marked U.S.



ITEM #M-006


Field Boots worn by General Norman Schwarzkopf during Operation Desert Storm

Acquired by a private museum directly from the general himself along with one of his uniforms. The uniform was sold some time ago but these boots were in storage at the time and just located. Includes a letter of authenticity from the museum,  photos of Schwarzkopf wearing the very uniform these came with, and possibly these boots. Other provenance that is not shown will be included, please inquire.


ITEM #M-001


USDB Winter Prison Coat


A very unusual United States Disciplinary Barracks coat from Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. Made by California Imperial, in good used condition with several stains. Prison number looks to have been marked out. We are not sure when this exactly dates to. 



ITEM #M-015

Two Iraqi Army canteens in original wrap


One is OD green and the other is dark green. OIF bring backs.


ITEM #M-016

Iraqi Army belt


Standard green issue belt. OIF bring back.


ITEM #M-017

Iraqi Army suspenders


Standard green issue belt and pack suspenders. OIF bring back.


ITEM #M-018

Iraqi Army tool roll


Standard green issue tool roll that attached to the top of the pack. OIF bring back.


ITEM #M-020

Kuwaiti Army Shoulder boards


OIF era. Unused in original package.


ITEM #M-021

Iraqi army gloves


Made from a thick canvas. These were brought back during OIF but may date to Desert Storm.


ITEM #M-022

Kuwaiti camouflage uniform


Mint Kuwaiti camouflage uniform with great labels. OIF era.


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