ITEM #V-001

SOG Chief & Special Mission Force Senior Advisor tiger stripes


Light weight embroidered tiger stripe uniform of Col. David R. Presson, who was Chief Commander of SOG from April  - May 1972 and Senior Advisor STDAT-158 from April  - November 1972. He is identified and photographed in the book Black Ops, Vietnam: An Operational History of MACVSOG, by Robert Gillespie.



ITEM #V-002

ROK Special Forces Camo Uniform


Very rare ROK "Noodle" pattern uniform, cut in the style of a jungle jacket. Very good condition overall.



ITEM #V-004

Captured NVA Officer's Uniform and Soviet Steel Helmet


Lightweight North Vietnamese officer shirt and pants show great wear and fading and collar tab holes. Helmet has jungle rust, front has thin layer of green re-paint sometimes seen on sun helmets. Chinstrap is intact and liner has been replaced by a cut-down NVA-made boonie which shows wear and rust stains.



ITEM #V-003

Captured Viet Cong khaki boonie


Salty captured Viet Cong main force boonie hat. Shows great wear and features a light plastic waterproof liner in the crown.


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