ITEM #P-001

Indian Wars Zouave Uniform


Unusual Zouave uniform with 1872 U.S. Army buttons, hand-stitched liner, and wood pant buttons. Likely was worn by a local militia.


ITEM #P-002

1890's Cavalry Krag Cartridge belt


Excellent condition w/ "C" closure and saber hook.


ITEM #P-004

Waterloo Battlefield relics


Nice group of excavated musket balls from the 1815 Waterloo Battlefield. Found in Belgium years ago on private land.


ITEM #P-003

Battle of Atlanta relics


Nice group of excavated relics from the Battle of Atlanta. Found on private land in Fulton Co, GA. The two wrenches were found on land that is now part of Ft. Benning and were identified as Civil War period.


ITEM #P-005

British artillery round/pigeon wicker carrier


Original wicker basket carrier used to haul artillery rounds. The holes in the sides may mean it was used for pigeons. No way to know for sure.


ITEM #P-006

1890's Personal Portrait of Wilhelm II


Signed & dated oil on canvas portrait with original gold leaf frame. Canvas has a few chips and many small cracks as is typical in old oil paintings. Frame has seen better days, some pieces are attached to the back in a bag. Artist has not been researched. Painting measures 21.5" x 25.5" and frame measures 28" x 32". Last photo is for reference only - not included. Canvas is dusty but we chose not to attempt to clean it.


All items are sold for historical purposes only. Items bearing offensive imagery or from tyrannical, fascist, communist, or terrorist regimes are offered for sale for the sake of historical truth. Modern Warfare Militaria does not condone any past or current groups of this nature, nor the ideologies of the enemies of the United States and its allies.